Needle Felting Fibre Art

There is amazing ease & much success found in using wool fibre as a artistic medium that brims with vibrant colors, rich textures, and the fun found in stabbing something for long periods of time with very sharp needles.

Needle felting fibre art is rewarding & meditative, exciting, and to be an instructor / designer at this time of global interest, is exhilarating.

Being an Instructor is Amazing! Knowing there are so many expectations with all the different people that can be in a workshop environment, especially hands on projects. I love the challenge of ensuring everyone has just the right amount of information, that the one-on-one personal interaction are appropriate and encouraging. That everyone feels they can continue felting afterwards with confidence and success.

Favorite things to say during a workshop to participants about to go into the finishing stages of their project:  “Artist Secrets Revealed….. ” & “There is a fine line between cute and scary.” & “One Fibre can make All the Difference” & my all time favorite “Gently now, less loud stabbing sounds everyone, finish with a light touch.” “Good Work Everyone!”

fox skunk artistleahwilson

Needle Felted Wool Painting Vibrant Landscape LWW


needle felted mushroom 3d LWW

sugar cookie felted star

4x4 felted bunny
Cute Bunny