Needle Felting Fibre Art

Needle Felting Art is relatively new to the world of art, with this emergence it has taken the words “Fibre Art” and thrown the doors open to opportunity. Almost anything goes.

There is amazing ease found in using wool fibre as a artistic medium that brims with vibrant colors, rich textures, both 2D & 3D offer creative expression. Couple that with the fun found in stabbing something for long periods of time with very sharp needles and you have an unstoppable movement bridging the gaps between the traditional Craft Makers and Fine Artists. With the extra spice of knowing that” anyone” could be a natural born needle felt artist, as the medium taps into our most ancient feeling instincts.

Needle felting insists on the maker to “feel” the medium, as well as “see” the wool into art. It is rewarding & meditative, exciting, expressive, engaging, relaxing, and somewhat easy to learn compared to other mediums used to make art.

To book a hands-on needle felting workshop call or text: 250-551-2115

amazing felted fibre arts mandala workshop

Getting to know your fingerprint is a big part of this art form. As we pluck and coax a single fibre to do our bidding, needle felting is more than just using a special needle, it means using your hands, your fingers (particularly the fingerprint). The ridges that make our own fingerprints feel  like they were made for felting, as a single fibre can be twisted, twirled, captured and put into place by having gentle precise contact with our very finger tips. Look closely at how the fibre reacts to hands as soon as we touch it.

The stabbing is…. as much fun as it is to talk about!

The needles are different than other needles, as they are specially designed to felt fibre. Practice and keep the safety of your hands and fingers topmost in your mind. Even after years of practice, an experienced felter will stab a finger by accident. Best to practice with less difficult projects to ensure the process is more rewarding than the occasional “ouch”.

When I teach a needle felting workshop, one of the first things we do as a group is get to know our needles. As every group has a few people who are needle-shy, this exercise is great to break down that barrier and to embrace the needle and how to use it.

Knowing there are so many expectations with all the different people that can be in a workshop environment, especially hands on projects. I love the challenge of ensuring everyone has just the right amount of information, that the one-on-one personal interaction are appropriate and encouraging. That everyone feels they can continue felting afterwards with confidence and success.

Favorite things to say during a workshop to participants about to go into the finishing stages of their project:  “Artist Secrets Revealed….. ” & “There is a fine line between cute and scary.” & “One Fibre can make All the Difference” & my all time favorite “Gently now, less loud stabbing sounds everyone, finish with a light touch.” “Good Work Everyone!”

Needle Felted Wool Painting Vibrant Landscape LWW


needle felted mushroom 3d LWW

sugar cookie felted star