The Cute Little Bunny Kit

Dreams do come true. The Cute Little Bunny design, is the first in a long line of many “do it yourself kits” to come. The kit is good for all levels of needle felting fibre artists, from beginners to advanced. The number of hours needed to complete the project is between 3-23 hours, depending on your level of personal expectations & skill level.

The Cute Little Bunny looks easy, however there are many parts that make a whole. The great success found in designing this kit, was the vast number of photos taken during the creation of a few little felted bunnies.

The techniques I teach have an emphasis on building solid form and tight surface tension by way of needle felting wool fibre, for a smooth long lasting finish.  Wool naturally wants to undo itself from being tangled, the tighter the core building ball or egg shape, the easier it will be to needle on the other parts and face features, and the longer the cute little bunny will last in the cuteness you created it to be.

First, lets talk Cute Bunny 3D Felting instructions: additional to the kit available at Fly in the Fibre (online)

There are several body parts to build & attach when creating the bunny. The photos that follow show different stages of attaching ears, feet, tail, and extra bits. I hope it helps. Remember not to stab the needles deeply, once the bunny body “egg shape” is built and firm, the rest of your stabbing should be quiet and gentle, just going below the surface. It just takes a long time, but worth it.



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