Cute Little Bunny

needle felting fibre bunny kit cover picThe Bunny teaches “Ball Building Technology”, the tricks behind “attaching appendages”, and how to create the “CUTENESS” with simple facial expression. This project lesson is great for all levels of needle felting artists, from beginners to advanced. Hours needed to complete the project is between 3-23 hours, depending on your level of personal expectations & skill level.

The Cute Little Bunny looks easy, however there are many parts that make a whole. The instructions are designed to take the “felter” through a series of steps that create this solid, cute, and soft to the touch Bunny.

Emphasis is on building solid form and tight surface tension by way of needle felting wool fibre, for a smooth long lasting finish.  Wool naturally wants to undo itself from being tangled, the tighter the core, the easier it will be to needle on the other parts and face features.

Needle Felting 3D sculptures can take a very long time. This project teaches patience, and allows for the meditative experience to unfold as each part of the bunny is created with various “aha moments” and the final satisfaction as the final touches create expression and balance.




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