Fibre Painting (no paint required)

Needle Felting Fibre Art in 2D is also called “wool painting” or “fibre painting”. This is a dry method of felting fibre into art, using special needles and a good background made of felted wool (pre-felt) or a fibre based material that has proven to “take” the wool in a pleasing way as you punch it down into place.

Two most important things when needle felting 2D art to remember:

  1. Less is more when layering the fibres so as to not bulk up too much in one spot.
  2. Much like when coloring with pencil crayons, the direction used when laying down the colors (fibre), and the force behind the stabbing if too hard or too soft, will all be visible and can be used to create “flow” “texture” and “pleasing” elements to the finished art.    If you do not like something you have done…. you can take it off!

To book me for a needle felting art workshop, email me:

needle felting workshop action photo2

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