My Goals as an Artist & Instructor

My goal as an artist is to creating a felted paintings & sculpture that encapsulates cuteness in abundance, that radiates goodness, with the intention to inspire and generate interest in the Needle Felted Fibre Arts.

Having studied all people of all ages, gender, and many cultural backgrounds over the CUTE years as a fibre artist, the reaction found when people first hold & looked at – (something cute I felted) – they would then clutch it, their eyes would widen, eyebrows raised, turning it upside down to find cute little feet or a heart on a bum. There is always an animated expression followed by laughter, or a really positive verbal reaction.

That is Amazing!

To teach the fine art techniques I have applied to felting wool fibre, enabling others to embrace their own creative exploration, and that is fantastic.

I believe in enthusiastic achievement, and offer a workshop delivery with dynamic visuals & easy to follow instructions (entertaining while informative).

The vibrant colors of wool used, & the constant stabbing with sharp needles into the texture rich fibre, all offers an opportunity for a quality of life (hands-on) learning experience.

To pre-register for a workshop, inquire about a prepared kit, or if you have questions about workshop registration details, best to refer to the information listed on the announcement or advertisement.

Current Venue/Suppliers (Workshop Booking Agents):


If you are a supplier /venue interested in hosting workshops and bringing me in for Needle Felting Art ( Minature 3D Sculpture or 2D Paintings with Fibre ), please send an email to amazingfeltedfibrearts(at)

A Huge thank you to Mel Joy, Owner & Operator of “Fly in the Fibre” Creston BC for the amazing encouragement, offering an amazing workshop environment, and for cultivating a learning environment within a community of skilled fibre artists who are eager to share and encourage others. Yahoo!

For more:Visit (or for a direct link ) click Fly in the Fibre

Fibre Painting1

needle felting workshop action photo2Fibre Painting 3