Artist & Instructor

My name is Leah Wilson, living as a working artist on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake in beautiful south east British Columbia.

I believe in people, and have always been compelled to share ideas, with an emphasis on being entertaining as much as informative. Having fun is very important to me.

As an artist it is my constant goal to create paintings & sculpture that encapsulates cuteness in abundance, that radiates vibrancy & goodness, with the intention to inspire interest in the Needle Felted Fibre Arts.

As an instructor, it is rewarding to teach the “fine art” techniques learned over my lifetime of formal training and experience – as I have always believed that these skills and techniques can be learned by anyone. When applied to felting wool fibre, these fine art techniques enable others to embrace their own creative exploration while learning to needle felt wool.  (artistic skill & experience is not required)

I love to share my secrets & to create a fun, safe, and entertaining learning environment where ever I go.

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The name of my company is a result of the words people often say when experiencing a workshop, or perhaps are being introduced to a 2D wool painting, or holding the soft textured fibre sculpture of a cute fox, bunny, or bear.

“That is Amazing!”

Inspired by that reaction, & the vast amount of cuteness and vibrant art that can be made from felting wool, I am compelled to create constantly, & reach out the world to teach “needle felting”. To create beautiful & touchable artistic works.

The wool fibre is a NATURAL medium, after a while when working with it, one becomes comfortable, and familiarity lends to creativity.  If anything it is almost a meditative art form, great for both rejuvenation and relaxation.

I believe in enthusiastic achievement, and offer a workshop delivery with dynamic visuals & easy to follow instructions (entertaining while informative).

The constant stabbing with sharp needles into the texture rich fibre, offers an opportunity for a (hands-on) learning experience that is also very relaxing, and out of the box.

If you are a supplier /venue interested in hosting workshops for Needle Felting Art: 

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