WHY Book a Workshop?

Looking to host an “amazing” event & a”hands-on” experience for friends and family?

As a teacher who is keen to travel, feel encouraged to ask me even if you are located some distance away. Stay tuned for calendar dates across the nation & around the world.

Needle Felting Art Workshops are Amazing, Easy & Fun, Relaxing, & Inspiring.

Feel invited to contact me to discuss your needle felting ideas, interests, inspirations: Click to contact Leah Wilson.

When Booking a workshop:  It is important that participants are aware of the following: 

  1. Needle Felting is addictive and very enjoyable by all ages.
  2. This is a hands on, tactile and enjoyable art that teaches patience.
  3. Participants need to stab wool with sharp needles for long periods of time.
  4. Mini Demonstration & “Make & Take” Activity: 2 hours with rotating 1/2 hour projects for participants can “Try” at needle felting.
  5. Half Day Workshop 3.5 hours (this allows for a short break) + extra hour optional.
  6. One Day Workshop, 6.5 hours (including half hour for lunch).
  7. Two Day Workshop, 6.5 hours each day (including half hour for lunch)
  8. Three Day Workshop, 5.5 hours each day (including half hour for lunch).
  9. Participants do not require artistic experience (may be asked to follow instructions).
  10. Some workshops are easy learning for beginners, & other workshops are specific to advanced needle felting participants, with some workshops for all levels.
  11. All participants are given printed instructions relative to the project, with online support when available.
  12. Workshops are not designed for participants to finish necessarily during the workshop time, for best results more time may be required (depending).

Workshops are constantly being developed, each to instruct specific techniques with new designs to keep the felting community inspired. Do you have an idea for a design?

Elements I consider when designing instructions and felted item: color (vibrant & cheerful) Subject (cute endearing and positive feeling) with the overall effect of being something amazing, touchable, and precious.

I look forward to hearing from you. Leah Wilson (cell 250-551-2115)